Math Comic Strips Proudly Introduces "The Innovative Dr. Knowledge"

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Who doesn't like to have the combination of text and graphics interplaying together to weave a tale to excite the senses? Well…did you know that comics can also provide an excellent medium to educate as well? In this Web Site, we aim to explore this lofty concept…comics that are both extremely fun, and educational too… To start off, let's explore the issue of utilizing comics to explain math and mathematical concepts.

Kids Reading Math Comic Strips

It can be hard to get children to do their homework, right? Well, one of the most motivating principles in education is to make it fun. This is where comics enter into the equation. In the midst of all the fun and excitement, if you weave mathematical concepts, before you know it…the child has had fun, and learned something at the same time.

Welcome everyone…let's get started…

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