Comic Book Creator

So you, the comic book creator, have the idea and layout. The time has come to actually transform the comic from the conceptual to the physical. What are your options?

Well, if you happen to be a great artist, you can "ink and pen" the comic panels yourself. This can be very satisfying, and be an outlet to your creative streak, but keep in mind that it can be very time-consuming. Many of us just don't have the time to do this anymore.

If you are not a "great" artist, but let's say that you can draw something a bit more elaborate than a "stick man". In this case you should know that there are various software tools out there that can perform remarkable feats. Adobe Photoshop is a great little piece of software that you should definitely check out. It never ceases to amaze me…

If you have a few dollars to spare you can go to the next level and have someone else create the panels for you. Web sites, such as are a great resource to locate artists and illustrators.

In closing, keep in mind that however you decide to generate these panels, they will more likely than not be used in the comics you create for many years to come. In a nutshell, if you decide to have someone else create these panels for you, take steps to ensure that your comic books can be illustrated by someone else in case the orginal person is no longer available.

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