Comic Book Publishing

So, you are entering the realm of comic book publishing. Let's suppose for a second that you have a great idea, tons of money, tons of connections, and tons of charm. If this is you, you could consider going to the "Big Guys" to have your comic publishes. Who are these big guys? Well, let's consider Marvel Comics and DC Comics for starters. Ever heard of Spiderman, Superman, Batman, or Ironman? Yes? Well, these characters belong to one of these two publishing houses. If you can get your comic published under the Marvel or DC name, most of us would say "yes…he's made it".

What are some of the advantages of going with the "Big Guys"? Well, for starters, they have a tremendous distribution machine going. Think of all the comics you have seen in the bookstores or grocery stores, or variety stores. Know where they come from? Ah hah, yes, they are more likely than not from one of these "Big Guys".

In addition, think of the marketing power these "Big Guys" have! Comics are just for starters. How about all those Spiderman movies, toys, pillow cases, lamp shades, halloween costumes, and candy? Get the picture???

Yes, if you can get your comic published by one of these "Big Guys"…you've made it my friend…

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