Comic Book Villains

Comic book villains are the perfect foil for comic book heroes. They are often more gifted and talented than the hero, but have decided to use these capabilities for evil rather than good. Let's consider the case of Lee Farls, shown below:

Villain Regular

Lee grew up in a dysfunctional family with an abusive father. In order to escape his home life, he threw himself into his books and soon discovered a love of math. As his math talents grew, he won praise from teachers and students, and this supplanted the encouragement and support that he lacked at home. Eventually, he earned his PhD in math, and a professorship at a local University.
Lee's troubled past and warped sense of self gradually got the best of him. He felt that people were not appreciating him for the greatness of his mind, and his life of math gradually took a darker turn… To exercise his vision of math chaos upon the world, he transformed into the "The Evil Dr. Math", as shown below:

Villain in Costume

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