Create Your Own Comic Strip

When you create your own comic strip, there are concepts and tips that you can utilize to help transform your comic book from one that merely speaks, to one that can actually transform the user's mind. Let your comic carry the reader on a journey that they will not soon forget.

Panels that all have the same size, and follow "one panel after another" are certainly the most common, but do they adequately convey what you are trying to tell your audience? For example, if the hero has one specific moment in which he realizes that he needs to use his powers for good rather than evil…isn't this major event in the comic? As such, isn't it worth conveying pivotal scene to the user with greater intensity?

How about having this particular panel take up a whole page of the comic book. Hey, here's an idea…how about spanning two pages? Why not experiment with dark or black borders, or perhaps a special font or lettering schema.

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