Female Comic Book Characters

Welcome to the "Female Comic Book Characters" Web Page. On this page we will be discussing the world's favorite comic book characters, who happen to be women.

When one thinks of a "Comic Book Character", for the most part, one thinks of a white male, who has some sort of unique super power or ability. This was the case for a number of years, and then in the middle of the 20th century, things started to change…

Then came Wonder Woman. She was an Amazon, and the story was based in the early 1940's.

Later on in the decade came the Bionic Woman. This TV Series, which later generated a comic book, came to life in the 1970's. Although basically a take-off from the television series "The Bionic Man", it had it's own specific characteristics and appeal.

Consider the newest female comic hero to come on the scene. Welcome Karen Henderson:
Karen Henderson

Growing up in a small midwestern town, Karen was a shy and quiet girl, who longed for a life of adventure.

Our hero, Bobby Spider, met Karen when he was pursuing his PdD in Math. Karen was a young professor at the same University.

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