Self Publishing Comic Books

So, you are interested in the area of self publishing comic books. At this stage am I correct in assuming that the "big publishing houses" have either turned you down, or they are not exactly what you are looking for? No worries… Publishing your own comic is very fulfilling artistically, and you can retain a lot of your creative and individual rights as well.

Many self-publishing houses will allow you to upload your comic to their development facilities. At this point it's there waiting for someone like you, or a friend, or a family member, or an avid fan, to request a copy. Once requested, the publishing house will create a copy of the comic, and send it to you.

Many of these self publishing houses will offer to sell your comic for you in their online store. Sure, they will take a cut if someone purchases it, but on the "upside" you will not have to worry about sales, taking the money, or any of the distribution issues. You can just sit back and wait for the $ to flow your way…

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