Why Is Education Important?

Why is education important?

Well, for starters, a well-rounded education provides you with power. Once you graduate from elementary school, middle school, high school, college, university, etc…this education gives you power over your future. Sure, you can get "on the job" education…but many jobs are not open to those who do not meet the minimum educational requirements.

A well-rounded education also helps you to be a resourceful human being. There is no way that any human being can learn everything about anything, but a good education will equip you with principles that you can apply to other situations. Suppose someone gives you a new watch. You may not have seen the watch before, but if you have had a watch in the past, you can probably tell what time it is, an how to put it on your wrist. This assumes that you are "educated" in how to tell time. If you did not have the "education" necessary to tell time, then you would not be able to tell time on this new watch, or any watch for that matter. You might not even know that it should go on your wrist. A simple example, but you get the point…

Why is education important? A well-rounded education provides you with understanding. Say you are preparing to go to China. You may have never been to China before…in fact, perhaps nobody you know has been to China before. By studying and educating yourself on China, you will have a greater understanding of this country, and their people, before you even set foot in the country.

A well-rounded education provides you with a greater quality of life. When the economy starts to turn sour, it is often those people who lack in education who suffer the most. You hear a lot about being "over qualified" for a job…but at least you will be able to do it. If you are "under qualified" for a job, you don't even have the minimum requirements that are needed to get started…

A well-rounded education provides you with tremendous networking opportunities. There is a saying "birds of a feather flock together". Having a good education means that you will often be associating with people who have similar educational backgrounds. This can come in handy if you should ever need a "connection" for a new job…or a "foot in the door" for other opportunities.

A well-rounded education makes you a real winner at the conversation game. No matter what topic happens to be the "hot topic" at the time, if you are educated you will be able to talk intelligently about any subject. Suppose an immigrant tells you that they are from a small country in the pacific. How impressive will it be if you can confidently ask them, "Oh, are you from ". Thnk how impressed they will be.

A well-rounded education often leads to a healthier lifestyle. When you are educated, you know what is good and bad for your body. With this knowledge in hand, you will be able to make the correct decisions to lead a long, happy life.

Why is education important? We hope you get the point…

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